How do you find "your" coffee pt 1 "varietal"

How do you find "your" coffee pt 1 "varietal"

It isn't all just the coffee farmer. I think coffee roasters like to focus on the farmer because it's a nice story; a good package deal that can reach out to you as a buyer. It makes people feel good and a bit more invested into the product. 


I get that and it's not all wrong. It's great to support individual farmers who take great pride in their work and who do it with an eye on sustainability. It really does make a difference.


A good roaster also makes a difference, how the cherries are sorted, and how the pulp is removed makes a huge difference as well. Something a lot of people forget when looking for a coffee is the varietal.


A varietal is the for lack of a different relatable term, the strain. Each coffee is one of many varietals. Some more common varietals are:

Bourbon, Typica, Catuai


There are literally hundreds of varietal and each one tends to have a different set of flavors that are common within them with a fair bit of overlap. Knowing the varietal and thinking about. what you liked or disliked about the cup you just had is in my opinion the best way to really start a foundation of finding the perfect cup of coffee for you.

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